Home is Where Your Cat Rests

  A lot has changed in the past year and in addition to some moving, I have also been reworking my business model to accommodate the changes in physical space, but also the changes that the (still very active) pandemic has made necessary for all businesses, especially those hoping to offer services like I am.

  I’ve found a new home for my studio at Cowork Studio in the Penticton’s downtown core.  I’m already floored by the welcome and support I’ve received as a new member of the Cowork Penticton family and am excited to jump into some new projects and opportunities now that I’m mostly settled in to the new space.

  The last big change to address is my virtual space. has been online for just over a year now but it’s been months since it’s been updated as it really hasn’t been/wasn’t serving my needs. In addition to the change in hosting, the website format is changing to include a more suitable portfolio of personal projects and artworks, with a blog to share the overwhelming number of ideas and inspirations that I’ve been collecting without other means to share.  I’m hoping to put much less time into maintaining a shop and spend more time into creating new artworks.

  I hope you’ll join me in this exciting new stage of my journey as an artist and entrepreneur!

Meow for now!

   – Kona

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