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Taking the Plunge for Recovery

Today is Sunday, and it just so happens to be the third Sunday of June. In case you weren’t aware of what that means… today is Father’s Day! With that in mind, I figured, what better way to celebrate and honour fathers than to lend my talents to in support of a group whose motto is :

" Returning Fathers to Children and Sons to Families "
See the Dunk Tank in action via Facebook Live recording in the event here :

I got involved as a volunteer at Discovery House’s annual “Family Fun on Father’s Day” event for the first time in 2019. Officially, I was a volunteer for the Penticton & District Community Art Council, tasked with helping kids with their crafts at a table PDCAC set up as part of the larger Discovery House event. Much fun was had as I explored and participated in the wide array of activities, which included me offering my pirate-costumed self towards taking the plunge in the dunk tank.

( In all seriousness, though… how else is a Northern girl like me supposed to cool off during a scorching, semi-desert summer like we have here in the Okanagan?! )

What is Discovery House ?

Discovery House offers two supportive living recovery homes for men located in Penticton, BC, offering 3 live-in recovery beds at our Wade Ave. location and 12 recovery beds at our new Winnipeg St. location.

Operated by the Penticton Resource Recovery Society (PRRS), we have been helping men to find their path to recovery from drug & alcohol addiction since 2007 and have helped over 300 men change their lives and be restored to their families and communities as productive members of society.

[ Excerpt from their website : ]

Like with so many other events, the pandemic has prevented the Family Fun event from happening how it had done before on such a grand scale. By changing their tactics and making the Dunk Tank Fundraiser available to watch virtually, Discovery House was able to run a successful event for Father’s Day 2020.
The pandemic restrictions have eased off recently but are not over, so plans moved forward for another virtual Dunk Tank Fundraiser event this year – which brings us back, again, to today! In addition to signing up for the dunk, I set up do some event photos. Facebook Live video is good and all, but now they have more ways to memorialize the day and assets to help them promote future events.

I’ve very much been missing my usual pre-pandemic event involvement. It was quite exciting and fulfilling to be out and involved in a helping task. It was also exciting to hear the news that they’ve blown past the original fundraising goal, and that funds raised have already been exceeded $20,000! Discovery House and it’s programs do a lot of good for the clients they aim to serve, as well as our community. A successful fundraiser really can make all the difference in ensuring that those supports and services they provide continue to exist and help those who need them.

Learn more about Discovery House :

Discovery House on Facebook

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read and for supporting me in my passions and my desire to support the various causes I have allied myself with.

Pawsitively Grateful,

  – Kona

In the news…

One of my images was requested to be used by local news outlet, the Penticton Herald! Check out their article, featuring my photograph, here:
Father’s Day event tops $20,000 for Discovery House

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